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Bob Gemmell

Director of the Herman J. Russell, Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University

Featured on June 27, 2012


As part of his doctoral work in the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University Bob has developed a research program focused on creativity and learning in technology entrepreneurship.

In his first study, The Socio-Cognitive Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Ideation, he examined how entrepreneurs obtain the creative ideas they need to develop innovative new products. He interviewed 32 technology entrepreneurs to generate a grounded theory about how technology entrepreneurs use social behaviors, techniques, and cognitive processes to generate, validate, and refine ideas for new products, processes, or services. The results revealed a complex, cyclical, and recursive multilevel social process emphasizing active and social experimentation. Greatest ideational productivity occurs when “trusted partners” exchange and refine ideas through shared cognition.

In a second study, Entrepreneurial Innovation as a Learning System he surveyed 172 technology entrepreneurs to explore links between learning style and learning flexibility and decision making behaviors hypothesized to produce entrepreneurial innovation and success. The findings reveal a system of entrepreneurial learning and innovation with subtle and surprising interactions between learning processes and behavioral mediators.

The above two studies along with a third study of trusted partner relationships that examines how learning flexibility and learning style differences effect these relationships are included in his Ph. D. Dissertation Socio-Cognitive Foundations of Entrepreneurial Venturing.