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FSSO 103: SAGES Social World First Seminar: Learning and Knowledge Creation

Kolb, D. A. & Kolb, A. 2005, SAGES Seminar, Case Western Reserve University Pdf, 9 Pages.

The focus of this course is on the process of learning and knowledge creation. We will examine this process from two perspectives—from your perspective as a learner entering Case to choose and develop a career path and from the perspective of Case as an academic community characterized by a rich diversity of academic disciplines with […]

ORBH 570: Learning and Development

Kolb, D. A. & Kolb, A. 2003, Department of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University. Pdf, 66 Pages.

This course provides an exploration of the learning and development paradigm underlying the human potential development approach to human resource development. The origins of this approach in the naturalist epistemologies–John Dewey’s pragmatism, Kurt Lewin’s gestalt psychology, the work of James, Follett, Emerson, Piaget, Maslow, Rogers and others–and current research in adult development, in biology and […]