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Beyond Specialization: The Quest for Integration in Midcareer

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The Challenges of Advanced Professional Development

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Management and Learning Process

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From Learning Styles to Learning Skills: The Executive Skills Profile

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Contends that a typology of skills based on a framework of learning styles and experiential learning theory, rather than a framework of job performance or some other personality construct, provides a language and guidance for assessment methods to describe knowledge at the performance level of adaptation. It requires development of the concept of learning skills […]

Assessing Individuality in Learning: The Learning Skills Profile

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A typology of learning skills is developed that is congruent with the learning style descriptions of experiential learning theory. The typology is holistic, allowing both idiographic and normative comparisons of individuals and situations, and the ‘fit’ between them. Learning style describes basic and generalised dimensions of individuality in learning, while a learning skill is more […]

Learning Styles and Disciplinary Differences: Diverse Pathways

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The Process of Experiential Learning

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Problem Management: Learning From Experience

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Experiential Learning: From Discourse Model to Conversation: Intervew with David Kolb.

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Integrity, Advanced Professional Development, and Learning

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