FSSO 103: SAGES Social World First Seminar

Learning and Knowledge Creation

The focus of this course is on the process of learning and knowledge creation. We will examine this process from two perspectives—from your perspective as a learner entering Case to choose and develop a career path and from the perspective of Case as an academic community characterized by a rich diversity of academic disciplines with different approaches to learning and knowledge creation. We will begin by exploring the learning process and your unique approach to learning with its strengths and challenges, and how it influences your academic interests and desired career path. We will continue our intellectual journey of discovery and inquiry through the exploration of the rich learning environments of Case and University Circle Institutions. Using philosophical analysis of the different forms of knowledge creation and criteria for truth, social analysis of the culture of academic fields and individual study of professors and scholars in different fields, we will examine the skills and values required for successful learning and knowledge creation in these fields. In particular we will compare and contrast ways of learning and knowledge creation in science and the arts studying Case and the Cleveland Institute of Art.